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Heavy Duty Fork Positioner 

Hydraux manufactures the most durable heavy duty fork positioner on the market, they are ideal for heavy duty industries:

  • Manufacturing, where a wide variety of loads widths must be handle by a forklift at any given time.
  • Lumber yards, where dirt, debris and stress would destroy other manufactures for positioner.

Our different models achieve high visibility due to the open body, which is manufactured with CHT 100 steel. The heavy-duty fork positioners features an easy-to-install bolt-on design and dual fork positioning cylinders for superior arm speed performances, therefore maximizing load handling efficiency. Models are available either with fork carriers for no-weld installation, or weld-on anchors for maximum for movement. These fork positioners come in many different various:

  • ITA hangs on
  • Integral mounting
  • Shaft mounted
  • Single shaft
  • Double shaft
  • Fork pockets
  • Folding forks

Folding Fork Positioner

Extra Wide Fork Positioner

Integral Fork Positioner

Pocket Fork Positioner

Double Shaft Fork Positioner


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