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Heavy Duty Paving/Interlocking Brick Clamp 

Hydraux’s heavy duty paving/interlocking brick clamp is an all welded construction with bolt on forks for easy replacements. High strength carbonized steel body and hardened steel sliders eliminate the need for replacing bushings. With the carbonized body and arms this unit will outlast all competitors' brick clamps in lifetime and maintenance costs. Many of our customers have been operating this brick clamp for ten to fifteen years outlasting the forklift trucks lifespan.


  • Capacities from 5000 lbs to 50000 lbs
  • Heavy duty slip on pads with locking pins for easy removal on the forks
  • Sideshifting available
  • Integral mounting or ITA hook on mounting

HQ80 Clamp

HQ20 Clamp


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