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Convert a forklift truck into a mobile crane for handling unstable loads. All of Hydraux’s booms are manufactured of high grade tubing and are supplied with a swivel safety hook and an engineer spec plate. Booms are available in many different configurations.


  • Fork mounted (fixed and Telescopic)
  • Carriage mounted (fixed and telescopic)
  • Swivel boom (fixed and telescopic)
  • Elevating Telescopic fork boom

All units can be outfitted with hydraulic functions. Please contact Hydraux for these options.

Booms  Coil Booms 
Carpet Pole Carriers Coil Boom
Forklift Booms Coil Boom Swivel C-Hook
Carriage Mounted Hydraulic Telescopic Boom  
Rigger Booms  
Rigger Booms Telescopic  



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