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Special/Custom Attachments

At Hydraux we specialize at building custom forklift attachments to suit customer’s needs, from a 2000 Lbs. attachment to a 100,000 Lbs. All of our attachments are made to customer specs.

Fork Spreaders  Load Inverters 
Fork Spreaders Stationary Load Inverter
Hydraulic Fork Spreader Telescopic Glass Handler
Load Stabilizers Custom Glass Pack Handlers
Load Stabilizers Special C Hooks For Glass Handling
Stone/Block Handlers Grapplers
Heavy Duty Concrete Pipe Clamp Pipe/Pole Grapplers
Single Block Handlers Heavy Duty Hold down Attachments
Double Block/Cube Brick Handler  
Heavy Duty Paving/Interlocking Brick Clamp  
Salt Water Boat Lifter  
Tire Handler  
Cylinder Handler  
Bread Handler  



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